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Assignments for the next two days

Jan 7
Today will not be very physically taxing; most of today will be spent preparing for Phase I so we can get started with the Bootcamp lifestyle.
Assignments for today:
Read A Recruit's Knowledge Book and comment to let us know that you read it
Devise chow plan and make a post letting us know what your plan is
Take IST and report your scores. Your Squad Leader or myself will comment and let you know if you passed.

The IST is the initial strength test that all bootcamp participants much take. The IST consisits of:
1.5-mile timed run
curl-ups in 2 minutes (counted)
flexed-arm hang (FAH) or push-ups (timed or counted)

Explanation of exercises:
To perform a curlup a recruit takes the normal situp position with her feet either held or slid under a couch or the like. She grabs her biceps while keeping her arms against her chest. She comes up until her elbows touch her thighs and come down until her shoulderblades hit the deck. That counts as one repitition.

To perfom a flexed-arm hang (FAH) the recruit must find a suitable bar to hang from. She starts with her chin above the bar, gripping the bar with either both palms facing towards or away from her. The clock is started when her feet are removed from the support and ends when there is no more flexion in her arms. If a bar cannot be found, pushups may be substituted for the FAH.

Jan 8
Read and discuss how the USMC Core Values can be carried over to civilian life and life in BootCamp
90 minutes cardio PT
30 minutes toning/weights

It is imperative that you take the IST and check in. Your Squad Leader should be arriving shortly if she has not already reported. Come Friday we'll be starting a Squad-on-Squad challenge. Teamwork will be absolutely necessary, so get to know, and rely upon, your fellow squadmates early on. It'll be invaluable.
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