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Challenge for Monday - Wednesday

Recruits have until Tuesday morning to get their reports in for the Weekend Challenge. Points will then be tallied and all squads will find out how many points they earned, how the other squads did, and where they rank.

This challenge will work the same way.

Written work: How do you feel you and your squad did with the Weekend Challenge? What helped you? What didn't help you? How will that affect how you succeed in this challenge?
PT: 120 minutes cardio, 30 minutes abs work

Written work: Feeling depressed, sorry for yourself, and guilty are typically negative emotions that only fuel negative behavior. It's important to stay positive, even in the worst of situations. How can you stay positive and keep a good attitude while losing weight, as opposed to feeling bad for having some weight to lose?
PT: 60 minutes toning, 60 minutes cardio, 30 minutes abs work

Written work: Today is the last day of Phase I. How do you feel about your bootcamp lifestyle so far? Are you ready for the rest of it? How can you better prepare? What advice would you give to a struggling recruit?
PT: 120 minutes cardio, 30 minutes abs work
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