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A Recruit's Knowledge Book

Good morning, everyone! Behind the LJ cut is A Recruit's Knowledge Book. It's jam-packed with information you'll need to get started in bootcamp. It may be a long read, but please read all of it. I suggest either printing or bookmarking this post for future reference.

A Recruit’s Knowledge Book

Mission of Bootcamp
To develop recruits morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to themselves and unleashing the power they hold inside; and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of mind, body and spirit.

All first-time participants, or participants that were discharged before the end of the cycle, are recruits. All first-time Squad Leaders or Squad Leaders that were not deemed worth of rank after their first bootcamp cycle are candidates.

We will be following the Marine Corps rank structure, which can be found here:

Recruits that graduate bootcamp earn the rank of Private. There are a few ways to earn promotions within the enlisted ranks:
(*) Be part of the squad that graduates at the top of bootcamp. There will be several squad-on-squad challenges throughout bootcamp. The squad that wins the most will graduate the top squad of bootcamp.
(*) Be named honor recruit of the squad. Squad Leaders pick one recruit at the tail end of the Crucible to graduate honor recruit. That recruit is recognized and receives a promotion.
(*) Complete an additional bootcamp cycle. Each recruit moves up in rank for every bootcamp cycle successfully completed.

Rank works slightly different for Squad Leaders. First-time Squad Leaders, or Squad Leaders that were not deemed worthy of rank previously, are Candidates. Squad Leaders evaluate one another throughout bootcamp, grading and critiquing one another. Letter grades, A through F (no pluses or minuses), are given to each Squad Leader. Each grading term the grade is averaged. At the end of bootcamp, if the average is B or above, Squad Leaders move up in rank. One Squad Leader will complete bootcamp as honor leader each cycle. That Squad Leader will receive an additional promotion.

All Squad Leaders must be at least 16 years old, unless they were previously an Asst. Squad Leader. Asst. Squad Leaders must be at least 15.

Your Squad Leader will be keeping an eye out for exemplary recruits throughout bootcamp. Roughly half way through, one exceptional recruit that is at least 15 years old will be asked if she would like to assume the position of Asst. Squad Leader.

Recruits are considered the lowest on the totem pole of rank. As a recruit, you must prove to your squad and Squad Leader that you are ready to uphold the title of Mock Marine (MM – rank of Private or above). If you don’t give up on you, we certainly won’t, but it’s up to you, as a recruit, to prove you have what it takes. You knew this would be the challenge of a lifetime.

Recruits must employ the Minus Me concept. The Minus Me concept is a team-building exercise that involves speaking in the third person, dropping all “I” and “me” related pronouns. Such pronouns are replaced with “this recruit” instead. All recruits are to be referred to as Recruit Name. You’re here for a challenge. That shows character. You deserve respect for it! An example of using the Minus Me challenge is: This Recruit would like to thank Recruit Kelly for her help in aiding this recruit to understand Squad Leader Carol’s advice. While it may seem odd, it’s to re-enforce the team atmosphere, and that each individual is part of something much larger and much greater than themselves.

PT, short for Physical Training, a military term for exercise, is a central part of bootcamp. Not only does it build physical endurance and physique, it’s a builder of motivation, determination, and character. Three types of PT will be performed throughout bootcamp:
CARDIO – Any exercise that’s primary focus is raising your heart rate fits into this category. If a recruit is having a rough day, she should not feel as if she has to run a marathon in order to fulfill a cardio requirement. Brisk walking, swimming, running/jogging, etc. will all meet the needs of this requirement.
WEIGHTS/TONING – Any resistance training meets this requirement. If the focus of the exercise is building muscle and not burning calories, you’re good to go. Lunges, crunches, push-ups, dumbbell work, and nautilus are all examples of weights/toning PT.
STRETCHING – Any flexibility exercise meets this requirement. General stretching as well as yoga meets this requirement.

No recruit, MM, or Squad Leader should fast more than 48 hours. Chow is an important part of life. After 48 hours without chow, one’s metabolism slows. A chow plan for every recruit must be devised by everyone for the length of bootcamp. Each participant is expected to stay true to that chow plan, so make it something you can live by. A chow plan is any plan of eating that can be evaluated on a pass/fail basis. If you need help devising a chow plan, you may contact me and/or your Squad Leader. I can be reached at or goldnscarlet on AIM.
Some helpful websites for devising a chow plan can be:
Slim Fast –
Weight Watchers --
Free Diet Program --
“Fad” diets --
Low-Carb –

At very least, unless given special permission because of extenuating circumstances, everyone must take a multi-vitamin. In a best-case scenario, each participant would be taking a multi-vitamin, calcium supplement, and extra vitamin C each day.

Water is extremely important! At minimum, each participant is expected to drink 64 ounces of water each day. Only water counts as water. Gatorade, soda (even the diet stuff), and anything else that is not water does not count as water. Other beverages must be had in addition to the water requirement, not in place of.
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